Hot Drop Kit using TD-A Thermit Destructor

The video shows the DISARMCO Hot Drop System being used successfully against an 82 mm Mortar. Using 950g of Thermit from the DISARMCO Thermit Destructor (TD-A). The Hot Drop system increases the penetrating power, allowing objects with a steel case in excess of 10mm to be penetrated, igniting the fill.

(DISARMCO would like to thank S Berenguel for the video,

The following photographs were taken during EOD training at MAT Kosovo’s EOD & ERW Training establishment, demonstrating and testing Disarmco Thermite systems. The Hot Drop System can be seen being used to attack various targets such as Hand Grenades and RPG’s all resulting in Low Orders.

MAT Kosovo’s EOD & ERW Training establishment and Disarmco are looking forward to their continued partnership over the coming year working closely together to further develop our products.