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Palau WW2 depth charges | Hot Drop System

JMAS (Japan Mine Action Service) & National Safety Office advised by Norwegian People’s Aid, Music used: David Darling & MurcofCamera & Editing: Kemim ArtsUnderwater camera JMAS & Chris

DISARMCO Thermal Shock Induced Deflagrator (TSID)

The video shows the DISARMCO Thermal Shock Induced Deflagrator (TSID) being used by MAG Vietnam on a Mark 82 (Mk 82) 500 pounds (227kg) low-drag general-purpose bomb. The Thermal Shock Induced Deflagrators (TSID) are designed to neutralise High Explosive (HE) filled munitions.


Dragon™ MK8 is a thermite lance specifically designed to destroy thin skinned steel (up to 6mm) and plastic cased ordnance. This stand-off solution offers an effective method of destroying ordnance and specifically those that are classed as “no touch” items.  The Dragon thermite lance is ‘a pre-loaded turn key solution’ and can be imported into… Read more »

About Disarmco

Disarmco is a UK company that enables implementing agencies to safely remove munitions (land mines, unexploded ordnance (UXO), Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) and stockpiles of ammunition and projectiles) making the environment safe and secure, without the need to use damaging explosives.

Hot Drop Kit using TD-A Thermit Destructor

The video shows the DISARMCO Hot Drop System being used successfully against an 82 mm Mortar. Using 950g of Thermit from the DISARMCO Thermit Destructor (TD-A). The Hot Drop system increases the penetrating power, allowing objects with a steel case in excess of 10mm to be penetrated, igniting the fill.

Hot Drop – World War II, 50 mm high explosive

The item in the video is a World War II, 50 mm high explosive, armour piercing projectile, the base fuze was attacked with the Hot Drop System which caused the item to detonate after a short while.