Here are a few of the testimonials from our clients and associates:

Approach, Concept and Passion

I met with Arpana from Disarmco 18 months ago to discuss the commercial opportunities of the Ammunition Disposal Facility as a solution provider for the disposal of obsolete stockpiles of munitions. I was very impressed with the approach, the concept and the passion in which the company aims to deliver its objectives.

Having witnessed and experienced many of the dangers of time expired munitions, Disarmco is addressing an urgent and much needed service to restrict access of munitions falling into the hands of insurgents and injuring innocent civilians.

Andy McNab
Author and former SAS soldier

Innovative Practical Toolkit

I have spent a considerable proportion of my time since serving in the Falklands and leaving the army, experiencing and witnessing the damage caused to my fellows by exploding munitions.

In my opinion Disarmco have innovated the first practical toolkit for the removal of individual munitions through to large stockpiles to minimise their disastrous effects.

I strongly support their endeavours.

Simon Weston CBE
Former Soldier

MAG recognises potential

MAG recognises the considerable potential of the ADF and has been working alongside Disarmco to explore deployment options for this innovative technology.

Adam Komorowski, Commercial Director
MAG (Mines Advisory Group)