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SOP: Dragon Lance

Dragon™ MK8 is a thermite lance specifically designed to destroy thin skinned steel (up to 13mm) and plastic cased ordnance. This stand-off solution offers an effective method of destroying ordnance and specifically those that are classed as “no touch” items.  The Dragon thermite lance is ‘a pre-loaded turn key solution’ and can be imported into… Read more »


BHD8 is a turnkey, self-contained deflagration system consisting of a deflagration sleeve, stand and initiator that can be used to neutralise landmines and other thin cased unexploded ordnance (4mm steel maximum).

SOP: Thermal Shock Induced Deflagration System (TSID)

Disarmco’s Thermal Shock Induced Deflagrators (TSID) are designed to neutralise High Explosive (HE) filled munitions. Rapid transfer of heat causes deflagration of the explosive in the target weapon leading to gas over pressure that bursts the casing without detonation.

SOP: Thermit Destructor – A (TD-A)

Disarmco’s Thermit Destructor TD-A is a modified, high temperature Thermite mix specifically designed to rapidly burn through thin sheet metal casings and ignite High Explosive (HE) fillings or other energetic materials held within.

SOP: Low Temperature Thermite (LTT)

Low Temperature Thermite (LTT) has been developed for use in EOD and demilitarisation activity. LTT is slow burning and is designed to ignite explosive compositions with a reduced risk of high order detonation.