dragon-torch-2Disarmco’s Pyrotechnic Torches are designed to neutralise a wide variety of Unexploded Explosive Ordnance (UXO) from plastic AP Mines through to heavier cased Land Service Ammunition.

The torches provide a sustained high temperature focused flame, which causes the target to burn rather than detonate.

They operate through integrated electric igniters and can withstand the demands of deployment in desert, tropical, sub-zero or temperate theatres.

The Dragon torch will be fitted with a new generation of ignition system that can reduce its hazard rating to 1.4S to simplify transportation (awaiting HSE approval)


Mine Action:
Disarmco torches are effective against all anti-personnel and most anti-tank mine casings. Submunitions ranging from M42, BLU series, Gator through to Hydra 70 are all easily defeated by Hurricane.

The torch can be used for the destruction of a wide range of UXO, ignition of propellants, deflagration of small items of EO etc.


  • Pinpoint accuracy of flame focus
  • Sustained temperature from optimum fuel combustion
  • Highly cost effective
  • Electrically initiated
  • Reduced risk of detonation
  • Intrinsically safe to store, transport and use (ESTC Classification T1950)
  • Simple, safe and reliable to deploy
  • Can be ganged together to deflagrate unlevel large munitions