Thermite Initiated Starter (TIS)

 The TIS is the recommended initiator for all Disarmco’s thermal products. DISARMCO offers Thermite Initiated Starter (TIS), as an uncomplicated, safe and cost effective, pre-assembled electric starter.

TIS is not classified as an explosive therefore, it is easy to transport, handle and store.


The TIS has been designed to be fired by exploders commonly used within EOD, it requires at least 350V @ 6 Joules.

It is recommended that the firing cable resistance should be less than 12 Ohms.

The coiled firing wires are extended before deployment.


  • TIS is classified as a flammable solid, certified under UN3178 Hazardous Class 4.1, UN Packing Group III – Flammable Solid Inorganic N.O.S.
  • Safe to transport as a UN3178 classified item.

Nato Stock Number (NSN): 1377-99-615-8825

Product SOP: Thermite Initiated Starter (TIS)

Product SOP (Ukraine Translation): Thermite Initiated Starter (TIS)

Product Leaflet: Thermite Initiated Starter (TIS)

Product Leaflet (French Translation): Thermite Initiated Starter (TIS)

Disarmco would like to thank Marceau Guilbaud, who is the technical translator of this document from English to French.