Low Temperature Thermite (LTT)

Low Temperature Thermite (LTT) has been developed for use in EOD and demilitarisation activity. LTT is slow burning and is designed to ignite explosive compositions with a reduced risk of high order detonation.


LTT has been used successfully to ignite a wide range of civil and military explosives including Torpex, RDX/TNT types A and B, Hexolite, TNT and Isolate CDB. Its packaging provides for maximum heat transfer when placed in a fuse pocket or similar cavity where it will take up the cavity shape and be in contact with the walls.

LTT burns for approximately 4.5 minutes at a steady temperature and so causes the explosive to burn rather than detonate.


  • Electrically initiated
  • Reduced risk of detonation
  • Simple to deploy
  • Intrinsically safe to store, transport and use
  • Reliable against a wide range of High Explosive fillings and propellants

Further information

As LTT’s are not classified as explosive items (Under NATO explosive regulations), transportation and security procedures are greatly simplified.

Nato Stock Number (NSN): 1375-99-928-3696

Product SOP: Low Temperature Thermite (LTT)

Product SOP (Ukraine Translation): Low Temperature Thermite (LTT)

Product Leaflet: Low Temperature Thermite (LTT)

Product Leaflet (French Translation): Low Temperature Thermite (LTT)

Disarmco would like to thank Marceau Guilbaud, who is the technical translator of this document from English to French.