Hot Drop Equipment/Kit

The Hot Drop system is astand-off method of melting a hole in an article of ordnance and burning the HE contents.

The system consists of a crucible containing a chargeof TD-A thermite, the crucible has a hole in the bottom covered in aluminum tape.

When the TD-A is initiated, the reaction progresses down through mixture resulting in a pool of molten iron.

When the molten iron reaches the bottom, it melts the aluminum foil releasing the molten iron, this falls in a stream down to the munition.

The force and temperature of the falling iron makes a hole in the munition which then causes the HE filling to burn. Variable TD-A charge to suit task. The crucible is normally reusable, 4 to 5 times.


  • A reusable, adjustable stand is supplied.


  • The TD-A in the crucible is initiated by a Disarmco
  • TIS electric starter.


  • TD-A and TIS have a UN Classification 4.1, flammable solid. All other items are not classified as dangerous goods.


  • Stand-off system
  • Uses TIS starter
  • Reusable stand
  • Up to 10mm steel penetration
  • Reusable crucible (X4 to 5)