Dragon Lance

Dragon™ MK8 is a thermite lance specifically designed to destroy thin skinned steel (up to 13mm) and plastic cased ordnance. This stand-off solution offers an effective method of destroying ordnance and specifically those that are classed as “no touch” items.

The Dragon thermite lance is ‘a pre-loaded turn key solution’ and can be imported into regions where access to explosives and accessories are prohibited.

Dragon with its related products are certified as UN3178 Flammable Solid Inorganic N.O.S., Class 4.1 Packing Group III therefore not classified as explosives which makes it easy to transport, handle and store without the associated administrative burden of explosives.

Dragon generates a focused flame with a temperature of more than 2000°C that lances through the targeted ordnance igniting the explosives within allowing these to deflagrate.


The Dragon is a plug and play product comprising of two components, (1) the preloaded lancs and (2) the TIS starter, also a certified class 4.1 flammable solid, which is electrically initiated by means of a standard firing cable and shot exploder.

When preparing the lance for use, a TIS starter is inserted and taped into the end of the Dragon at the jet end The Lance can now be placed into its stand, positioned at the identified target and connected up to a shot exploder.


For transport the UN DG classification for the Dragon thermite lance and TIS starter is UN3178 Flammable Solid Inorganic N.O.S., Class 4.1 Packing Group III.

This enables the Dragon to be exported and imported without restriction and can travel on commercial airlines, reducing the overall cost for shipping in comparison to that of explosives.


Individual stands are provided with Dragon lances so that the right angle of attack and standoff can be achieved for optimum results.


  • Stand-off solution
  • Pre-Loaded
  • Uses the TIS starter
  • 20 second burn
  • Over 2000°C flame

Nato Stock Number (NSN): 1375-99-670-9905

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Product Leaflet (French Translation): Dragon Lance

Disarmco would like to thank Marceau Guilbaud, who is the technical translator of this document from English to French.