Leaflet: TD – A | V2.0 | May 2018

Disarmco’s Thermal Destructor (TD-A) is a modified, high temperature Thermite mix specifically designed to rapidly burn through thin sheet metal casings and ignite High Explosive (HE) fillings or other energetic contents. By burning in fuze pockets, TD-A allows burning of munitions without the need to actively cut through casings to expose the explosive.

Download: Leaflet: TD – A | V2.0 | May 2018

Product Leaflet (French Translation): Leaflet: TD – A | V2.0 | May 2018

Disarmco would like to thank Marceau Guilbaud, who is the technical translator of this document from English to French.

Nato Stock Number (NSN): 1375-99-859-2300