Disarmco Products are Unique

I have been aware of the Disarmco product range for some time and more recently I have been fortunate enough to work with the Disarmco team on further development, test & evaluation of some of their excellent systems.

The Disarmco products are unique, enabling a non explosive solution to the safe disposal of a wide range of ordnance natures, which are too dangerous to either render safe by other means or move for final disposal.

The system’s assist in providing a low order option when high order is not possible (golden rule applies).  The reliability of the Disarmco products is excellent, whereby in the past similar systems were unreliable, now this is not the case.  PCM Group’s MAT Kosovo EOD & ERW Training Establishment is the Worlds Premier IMAS Compliant Training venue – We regularly demonstrate and teach the use of the Disarmco systems at our Establishment across all of our courses, such is our opinion of Disarmco’s products.

Ben Remfrey MBE MI Exp. E, Managing Director – PCM Group