Disarmco Ltd is a UK company that enables implementing agencies to safely remove munitions (land mines, unexploded ordnance (UXO), Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) and stockpiles of ammunition and projectiles) making the environment safe and secure, without the need to use damaging explosives. A consequence of war is many millions of landmines laid in the ground and further millions of tons of surplus munitions stockpiled around the world. These kill and maim and create a constant danger to the lives of innocent civilians. The stockpiles of old, out of date munitions are increasingly unstable and there have been increasing numbers of accidents where the stockpiles have exploded causing further casualties.

Disarmco’s aim is to become a leader in providing solutions for the Mine Action and Munitions Disposal sectors through the development of innovative, environmentally acceptable and cost competitive technologies. By offering an eco-friendly and cost effective range of products, consultancy and training services, we can enable and empower local communities to make their world a better and safer place.

Disarmco has innovative and cost effective solutions to your munition disposal challenges where Value For Money is paramount; whether your need is for a transportable Ammunition Disposal Facility (ADF) or for pyrotechnic and thermit devices for the elimination of landmines, unexploded projectiles and other ammunition, the range of products available from Disarmco is designed to meet your needs.

The Disarmco design criteria for the manufacture and distribution of our products enable local communities, governments or organisations, in cooperation with international agencies or charities, to use our products in the country where the problem exists.